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The Millennium Exhibition in the Village Hall and the Church.

A further Exhibition stand.
Mrs Annie Evison
Lucy and Frank Shephard visiting the Exhibition.
Visitos to another stand showing street views and buildings in Marshchapel
Display in the village School.
At the back - Frank Shephard
Front: Lucy Shephard, Margaret and Frank Shephard - daughter-in-law and son.
June Houghton at the Exhibition dressed as a Victorian Maid.
Exhibition in School.
Back in the Village Hall.
John Gilby looking at old photographs of Marshchapel folk.
Exhibition in School
June Houghton discussing an exhibit with visitors.
War Time Exhibit.
Exhibition at School
Stand at the Exhibition.  On the right can be seen the Board which usually hangs in St. Marys with a list of those who served, and some who fell, in WW1.

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