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Marshchapel WI, celebrating Annie Evisons 80th. birthday in 1987
Marshchapel WI, celebrating Christmas in 1988.
Back Row - L to R; Joyce Clark, Unknown, Christine Clover, Mrs Cheese, Midge Jackson.
Front Row - L to R; Nellie Portus, Barbara Pinder, Ruth Jackson.
"The WI Clangers" - The Marshchapel WI Bellringers with Mr John Pugh - Circa; 1979 / 80.
Front Row - L to R; Rosemary Broadhurst, Beatrice Wilson, Ruth Jackson.
Back Row - L to R; Doris Johnson, May Richardson, Kath Grantham, Mrs Appleby.
Front Row - L to r; Eva Smith - Hiscock and Millie Deamer.
WI, evening classes 1979 / 80 - Patchwork class run by Mrs Rosemary Broadhurst and Mrs Midge Jackson.
Seated - L to R; Mrs Leak, Wendy Todd, Marie Ireland, Joyce Clark, Unknown, Mirrie Leak.
Standing - L to R; Midge Jackson, Rosemary Broadhurst, Sylvia Smart and Daphne Knight.
Marshchapel WI Outing.
Back Row - L to R; May Richardson, Beryl Ireland, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Hiscock, Mrs Appleby, Mrs Ralph Riggall, Mrs Evison, Josephine Riggall.
Front Row - L to R; Raymond Parker with Wilfred Deamer in front of him, Millie Deamer, Riet Parker and Kath Grantham.
Marshchapel WI Outing - Late 1950s.
Left to Right; Mrs Appleby, Kath Grantham, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Hiscock, May Richardson, Wilfred Deamer and Millie Deamer in front.
Marshchapel WI, members visiting the Marshchapel Church Tower in 1980.
L to R; Alice Jackson, Ruth Jackson, Joyce Clarke, Rosemary Broadhurst, Sylvia Smart, Beattie Wilson, Daphne Knight, Pat Grub.
20th. July 1990 - Celebrating 40 years of the Marshchapel WI.
This photograph is of former and current presidents.
L to R; Edna Sheffield, Beattie Wilson, Sylvia Smart, Barbara Pinder, Margaret Burgess, Doreen Cheeses.
Celebrating the Marshchapel WIs, 50th. year - 2000.
L to R; Christine Clover, Jackie Newborough, Carol Bailey, June Laughton, Ann Crossley, Midge Jackson.
This photograph taken in 1970, is probably the Marshchapel WIs 20th. Birthday Party.
L to R; Beatrice Wilson, Unknown, Beryl Biglin, Unknown, Midge Jackson, Mrs Mossop, Kathleen Williams, Mrs Mudd, Unknown.
Marshchapel WI, Darts Team - Circa; 1979 / 80.
L to R; Mrs Christine Speight, Mrs Vicky House, Miss Ruth Jackson, Mrs Christine Clover.
Marshchapel WI, party - This photograph is thought to have been taken in the school playground in 1951.
Some names are shown in another picture on this site.
Marshchapel WI, name list in reference to a picture on this site, showing a party held in 1951.
Marshchapel WI, outing to Newby Hall - Circa; 1958.
Back Row - L to R; May Todd, Beryl Ireland, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Hiscock, Mrs Appleby, Mrs Ralph Riggall, Mrs Evison.
Front Row - L to R; Ena Todd, Wilfred Deamer, Mrs. Deamer, Riet Parker, Mrs Kath Grantham.
Marshchapel WI, outing - 1958.
Back Row - L to R; Mr Gunning, Mrs Appleby, Kath Grantham, May Richardson, Beatrice Wilson, Rose Campbell, Raymond Parker, Mrs Lovett, Riet Parker.
Middle Row - L to R; Unknown, Joyce Duncan.
Front Row - L to R; Beryl Ireland, Ena Todd, Doris Johnson.
Marshchapel WI, hosting a Christmas Party for the Senior Citizens, held in the Village Hall - 1983.
Top Photo - L to R; Jesse Ireland, Joyce Clark, Annie Todd, Mrs Jacklin.
Bottom Photo - L to R; Mrs Cheese, Unknown, Unknown, Marie Ireland, Unknown, Unknown, Christine Cheese,
Sylvia Smart, Midge Jackson, Daphne Knight, Mirrie Leak, Wendy Clark, Joyce Clark.
Marshchapel WI, Outing.
Back Row - L to R; Ena Todd, May Richardson, Kath Grantham, Mrs Appleby.
Front Row - L to R; Eva Smith-Hiscock and Millie Deamer.
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